Peanuts R1

Saturday 4th April 2019, Hemel Hempstead

‘Hertford travelled to Hemel in the first round of the Hertfordshire Peanuts League. The draw pitted us against last year's top three clubs so it was always going to be a tough first round for our swimmers. 

For our 9 year olds, Isla C, Edward R, Matilda T, Timothey C, Ross C, Ella S, James C, Olivia C, Harry S & Melissa A, this was the first time they had competed in a league gala. Also competing for the first time in the league were Maxim L, Georgia M & Maisie L. Although there were some understandable pre race nerves, all these swimmers rose to the challenge and should be proud of their performances. 

All our swimmers have been training really hard which showed in many aspects of their swims and from a coaches' perspective, this was great to see. 


We are still waiting for the individual results of each race, but on the night due to her great performance in the first event with 1st in the 25m butterfly and some other very good swims, Matilda T was awarded the Hertford teddy.


Lee Ransome