Temporary Changes


Haileybury have finally confirmed that the pool requires major work and won’t be open until May/September 2018. Hartham have been very accommodating and have agreed to let us continue Sundays until July 2018. Unless we find an alternative to the Monday Performance Squad training, all the current training times will continue for at least a year.


We'll update you with any further news when received.

Please refer to this timetable until further notice.


Monday            Performance squad 8.30-9.30pm SIMON BALLE. No Whales or Seals training.


Tuesday           Simon Balle as normal


Wednesday    Hartham as normal - plus Seals 7.30-8.15.


Thursday         Hartham as normal


Friday                Hartham - Whales now included 6-6.30pm. Fitness now 6.30-7.30 


Sunday             Hartham -⁠ normal squads and times but building must be cleared by 7.30pm latest