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Child Protection and Equality

Hertford SC follows Swim England’s Child Protection & Equality (Equity) Policies & Code of Ethics. These are published by Swim England (ASA) in detail in their WAVEPOWER documents which can be found here. Hertford SC has a dedicated Welfare Officer responsible for ensuring Swim England Child Protection guidelines are implemented by Hertford SC and for attending to any problems affecting all our members’ welfare. The Welfare Officer can be contacted on


For Swim England Safeguarding information please click on the following link -

For Information for Primary school children and teenagers U18 please click on the following link -


A summary of the Swim England Code of Ethics is given below. These policies are conveyed to our membership (staff, athletes & also athletes’ parents) by publicising Hertford SC’s Codes of Conduct to them when they or their family members join Hertford SC. These codes are publicised in the Club Rules, Policies and Codes’ section above. Hertford SC’s Equality (Equity) policy and Equality annual plan are given below.

Child Protection - click here

Hertford SC Equality (Equity) Statement - download

Summary: Swim England Code of Ethics & Child Protection Policy - download 

Hertford SC Annual Equality Plan - download

Volunteer and Coaching Information


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