Please note: Ongoing refurbishment of the pool at Hartham Leisure Centre, has resulted in reduced space for all squads while we need to use a selection of alternative smaller pools with variable availability. For the time being we cannot offer a consistent regular Masters training slot or provide sufficient space in the masters session to cater adequately for our usual range of swimming abilities. Therefore we regret that we cannot currently trial or accept new Masters swimmers. We anticipate that our regular training at Hartham will resume sometime in January 2022. If you would like to be on a list for us to contact you when we can offer you a try-out (trial) session please email Margaret Carrier on


Hertford Swimming Club (HSC) Adults Swimming Session at Hartham on Wednesdays 8.30pm-9.30pm


This session is for swimmers aged 18y up & caters for a wide range of abilities. Swimmers seeking stroke

improvement must be able to swim at least 25m on front and back without stress & be confident out of their depth. We also cater for club & county level competitive swimmers. You can vary which lane you use depending on who else is swimming that week. Two swim schedules per session are provided. One schedule focuses mainly on stroke and fitness development, the other includes sets of different intensities for speed and endurance training for competition. Both sets of schedules cover iro 2 to 2.5Km distance per session but individual swimmers can select what they do according to ability. Stroke development swimmers can focus on one stroke or considerably reduce the distance eg if they need to increase fitness gradually. Swimmers are encouraged to pursue personal goals & learn new skills benefiting from informal guidance offered in a relaxed setting. There are opportunities to compete but there is no obligation to do so. Quite a few of us are swimming for general fitness & fun only. Others use the session to train for open water swims or indoor competition. Floats and pull-buoys are available.


Safeguarding against Corona Virus: : Hertford SC complies with the Corona Virus restrictions required by the government, Swim England & Hartham Leisure Centre currently in force and additionally with any extra safeguards suggested by the Club Welfare officers. As the situation is unpredictable we will advise swimmers of any requirements before their first swim.




If you wish to try out Hertford SC Masters session email: or Tel. Margaret Carrier on 01920 422487.

Joining Hertford SC

We offer 2 free swims for you to try us out without obligation before you need to let us know whether or not you wish to continue attending and join Hertford SC. We do ask you to complete our Club trials & Swim England registration form, by email if possible, before your first try-out session. This provides insurance cover & enables us to hold essential contact & medical details eg in case of emergencies or to notify you of pool closures. If you decide not to join, this form is deleted in accordance with the data protection act. If you do decide to join we will process the form & email you our fees letter. There are no ‘joining dates’ ie you can start attending at any time. You will also be asked to complete a Corona-Virus health questionaire.


You will be asked to pay session fees by direct debit charged monthly. There is an annual membership fee which covers the Swim England registration fee. This will be charged with your first sessions fee and each subsequent January. You don’t have to stay the whole hour of each training session eg if building up fitness gradually, but there’s no reduction in fees if you leave the session early.

For detailed fees inquiries email:

Hartham Masters Swimming Club (HMSC)

This is a separate adults-specific swimming club. HMSC charge their own fees. Some swimmers belong to HSC and HMSC, paying both sets of fees, so they can attend both sessions.


For HMSC Contact Tom Metz on , m 07710 980912

Reciprocal Swimming arrangement between HMSC & HSC

Swimmers who swim regularly with one club paying that club’s full fee and who would like to swim at the other Club’s sessions less regularly can opt to pay their ‘second’ club on a ‘pay as you go’ basis by cash fee collected at each swim. Please inform both clubs if you wish to do this.


For some Hertfordshire swimming competitions we enter a team comprising members of both clubs.

If you have any questions please do contact Margaret (for Wednesdays with HSC) or Tom (for HMSC)