Peanuts League R1

Saturday 5th May 2018, Furzefield Centre

I’ll start from the end of the gala...Thank you to all the swimmers and parents for staying until the results were read out- Hertford have always encouraged this, as we feel that it builds great team spirit and also that swimmers know where we came on the night - on this occasion, 4th place which was a good result against some strong opposition.


This is our first year back in Division One of the Herts Swim League where we swim against the top clubs in Hertfordshire. As ever, there were too many good swims to list in my report but as a club, every swim counts; a relay or an individual event is equally important to the final results. 


A couple of swimmers were competing last night whilst not very well so thanks to Luca Fabri, and Isla Cavill who had 8 races and was awarded the Hertford Teddy. A special thank you also to Daniel Rates who has decided to stop swimming and concentrate on his studies, but still managed to turn out for us last night.


This was the first time attending Peanuts for a number of our swimmers. I hope they were proud to wear a Hertford hat and I look forward to seeing them in future galas. Please everyone keep the 9th June free for the next round of Peanuts.


The final results, which are yet to be confirmed were 1st  Costa A, 2nd Potters Bar A, 3rd Stevenage, 4th Hertford,  5th Verulamium and 6th Hatfield B. When we receive individuale times this will also be announced to our swimmers. 


Thanks also to all involved with team administration who made the even go very smoothly.


I hope everyone has enjoyed the sun...I've been sat in The London Aquatic Pool watching my daughter swim most of the day so if I'm the only one next week without a tan along with Steve Barber who's supporting our Regional swimmers at Norwich, you'll know why!


Lee Ransome-Hertford S.C.